As many of you already know, the high temperature on Wednesday was 90 degrees.  Or was it?  The Moorhead airport recorded a high of 84 degrees that day, my home thermometer registered 86 degrees, our cooperative observer reported 88 degrees as did the reporting site at NDSU.

It was yet another example of differences in temperatures caused not only by natural variations, but more importantly where a thermometer is located.  The official site at the airport is located near the main runway to maximize safety for aircraft, not for registering the most accurate temperature reading.  Jet exhaust, a light breeze off the pavement nearby and other issues can cause that thermometer to be far different than what you may experience in your backyard.

Yet, the airport is the official reading in town and therefore it is accurate to say that the high on Wednesday was the latest 90 degree reading locally since 1993 and our 10th and probably last 90 degree day in 2011.

One thought on “90°?

  1. We just had our first unofficial blast of cold air. Not official by any standard, but a taste of things to come. I warned a commenter, i.e., Janie from Utah, that winters can be crushingly cold in Naples, Florida, even colder than above 28,000 ft on Everest or a mid-January descent of arctic air in Fargo, ND.

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