First Freeze

Although we had an early frost back on September 15, most areas have yet to experience what is generally referred to as a hard freeze.  A hard freeze is considered to be a temperature of 28 degrees or lower. The average date for such an occurrence is October 9.

Last year our first hard freeze occurred on October 17 and this year our first hard freeze will once again occur later than average (perhaps today or tomorrow).  One of the latest freezes on record occurred back in 2008 when the temperature in Fargo Moorhead did not drop to 28 degrees until October 27.   Our first freeze of autumn has occurred in November only five times. The most recent year this occurred was back in 1998, the others occurred in 1940, 1931, 1924 and 1921.  The record was set in 1931 when the first hard freeze held off until November 10.

With the exception of 1924, all those years had very average first frost dates (32 degrees), but the really cold air held off until much later in the season.

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  1. To think that here in south Florida we’ve only had one freeze, i.e. 32 or below, in the past two winters. Temperature is relative, except the freezing point — that’s absolute. But 40 feels freezing down here.

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