Quiet Or Busy?

Although another tropical system or two could easily form in the coming days and weeks, the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean is beginning to wind down.  If you ask most Americans if it was a busy or quiet season, for the 3rd straight year, most people would say it was a quiet year.  Only one hurricane, Irene struck the coast of the United States this year.  That was the first land falling hurricane in nearly three years ending the longest such stretch since the Civil War.

Another positive factor of the season so far is that no major hurricane (Category 3 or higher) made landfall in the country.  The last time that occurred was Hurricane Wilma back in 2005.  It is these reasons that this hurricane season will likely be remembered as a quiet one, although, by the numbers, 17 storms formed, which is above average.  But with tropical systems it is where they go, rather than the actual number that is far more important.

2 Responses

  1. October’s been busy down here in south Florida and on the Kissimmee! I’m curious to see if your “maybe” for another one in October pans out. I’m still amazed you predicted the Oct 7th drenching a full week in advance. BTW: Finally got some cold air. Two nights on the way in the high 50s!

  2. I would somewhat surprised if you didn’t get another wave of moisture at a minimum next week. If it is a true storm or not is always tough as neither of those last two waves were named. Although they will in the end say they should have named the first one in post analysis. NHC really goofed on that one.

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