Unprecedented? Think Again.

It has now been two weeks since the heavy snow event knocked out power to millions of people along the east coast.  The last residents were expected to finally get power restored by the end of this weekend.  That storm has been frequently referred to as unprecedented for that area in October.

Every time I hear the words unprecedented or ever, red flags are instantly raised in my mind.  It literally only took me a few minutes to find other examples of late October storms in that region.  Granted, it has been a while, but New York City recorded a 6 inch snow event in late October 1859.  Boston reported 12 inches of snow on October 27, 1765 and yet another 12 inch event occurred in Salem, Massachusetts on October 29, 1746.

There are certainly some weather events that may occur only once in a lifetime, or like this recent event, once every 150 to 200 years, but a rare storm does not mean unprecedented.