I’m Dreaming Of A White Thankgiving

Although white Christmas’ are expected in Fargo Moorhead, if by chance you dream of playing in the snow on Thanksgiving Day, you have been out of luck in recent years.  Nine out of the past ten years have had either no snow or only a trace reported on Thanksgiving morning.

That one exception was last year when 12 inches fell just a few days before Thanksgiving.  Otherwise, this century has been dominated by brown yards on this day.  Granted, many of these holiday weekends did not finish brown as on several occasions travel conditions deteriorated the following three days, but at least this day set aside to give thanks, most of us could add weather to the list of things to be thankful for.

Although the record high for tomorrow is 56 degrees, that year this date was not the holiday.  The warmest Thanksgiving Day occurred back in 1901 when the high was 55 degrees and we could come close to breaking that record tomorrow afternoon.