A Permanent Dry?

Yesterday I wrote about how a persistent ridge of high pressure has been present in the northeastern part of the Pacific Ocean for the past few months.  There has been some research that has correlated both the location of warm and cool pools of water in the oceans (especially the Pacific) and also on how certain solar conditions help create specific weather patterns around the globe.

Although solar influences are still somewhat controversial, the impact that changes in oceanic temperatures have is not.  Although there is a very weak La Nina in the Pacific at the moment, a warm pool of water resides west and north of Hawaii that may be one of the reasons for our current dry weather locally.  In fact, similar oceanic conditions were observed during the drought in the late 1980s.

By no means am I saying we are headed for a drought, as this pattern resided for years, not weeks during the 1980s.  This setup could easily be a temporary aberration in our current wet phase, but you never say never when predicting the future.