The Cruel Month

December has been a cruel month in recent years for both temperatures and snowfall.  Granted, many people enjoy the snow and the reality is many businesses depend on snowfall for revenue, but in recent years this area has been simply getting too much snowfall this month which has attributed to severe spring flooding.  Back in 2006 much of the region experienced a brown Christmas, but since then, Fargo Moorhead has recorded 4 straight top ten snowiest Decembers.

Plus, all four of those Decembers finished with below average temperatures with both 2008 and 2009 finishing well below average. With so much snow falling this month in recent years, it is no wonder that so many find it odd to have had so little snow so far this season.

Yet, as surprising as it may sound, our snow total this season is actually closer to the long term average than any of our recent winters have been.

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