Below Average Season

You do not need to live in this area very long to learn that weather patterns come and go quickly.  Weeks of rain or snow, suddenly turn to weeks with little if any moisture.  Cold and warm stretches come and go.  Therefore, this winter could quickly turn cold and snowy; yet, using the past as our guide, the snow season will likely finish with below normal snowfall.

Since records have kept, Fargo Moorhead has never recorded the first one inch of snow after December 12 with the seasonal snow total exceeding 50 inches.  With our current 30 year average snowfall at 50.1 inches, we therefore would have to do something not done in the past 120 years of snow records to end up with an above average snow season.  Plus, if by chance we can make it through the rest of this month without a 1 inch or greater snow event, then historical precedent would suggest our seasonal snowfall would stay under 30 inches.

But in our climate, you never know for sure.

2 Responses

  1. But we can sure hope that there will not be Payback for this lovely December. Was it ’92 that there was little snow on the ground in January? I have photos, somewhere, but do not remember the year, but would be before 1996.

  2. Daryl Ritchison

    We have had several years with little snow cover in January. Historically just 4-5″ is pretty common for snowpack around here, the past few winters have skewed our thoughts a bit on “normal”.

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