Truly Brown

We have had several brown Christmas’ since records have been kept, but recently someone asked me if we had ever had a truly brown Christmas.   The question revolved around have we ever made it to Christmas day without an official snow cover.  Although on a couple of occasions we have had a trace reported for snow depth, at no point have we had 1 inch or greater reported on the ground this season.

Our last brown Christmas in 2006, we did have one inch reported on the ground for one week in early December.  The brown Christmas in 1999 had either one or two inches reported on the ground for 11 days before Christmas.

The last time we had a truly brown Christmas was back in 1943 when at no time was there more than a trace reported on the ground before Christmas day.  That winter the first 1 inch snowfall occurred in January.  Although the ground was brown that year, the residents of Fargo Moorhead were at least treated to some Christmas flurries.

4 thoughts on “Truly Brown

  1. I am in wisconsin and had some snow falls already, and the temps we are having are above normal for this time of year and if it can hold of until after the holidays that would be great for us here in wisnonsin?

  2. What is January 2012 suppose to look like and I guess we are going to have to wait and see and by now in December sometimes we have below zero temps all ready but not this year, What does the Farm”s out look see”s ahead, just going to have to see what mother nature has to bring to us?

  3. Sounds like there won’t be any sleighing. Down here in south Florida our Christmas’s are always always green with all the palm trees, plus the other sub tropicals, too.

  4. I have a feeling we will see at least some pattern change as we get into January, but historically when you go this far into the snow season without much snow, the snow season tends to finish well below average, but sometimes, it only takes one storm.

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