Christmas 2012 Forecast

This time of year we get many inquiries about travel conditions and the forecast for different spots around the nation.  In the summer it is requests as to what the weather may be for an upcoming vacation or wedding.

Sometimes people get very anxious for these forecasts as we occasionally get asked several months in advance for a wedding forecast from nervous brides wondering if they need to rent a tent or if the sun will be shining on their wedding day.  Of course our ability to forecast accurately beyond a week is very limited.

Yet, knowing that, the lack of snow for Christmas this year has apparently been hard on many people as I have already been asked about Christmas 2012.  So here I go out on a limb; we have a white Christmas 84% of the time, plus, we have never had two brown Christmas’ in a row since records have been kept, therefore, I am forecasting a white Christmas in 2012.  Remember, you heard it here first.

Have a Merry Christmas.