A Year Ago

A year ago the area was bracing for what looked like to be back to back blizzards.  The two storms, one on December 30 and the other on December 31 kept most of the areas roads closed over the New Year holiday and made travel hazardous even within Fargo Moorhead.

The first storm started off with freezing rain putting down a layer of ice before the wind and the snow started later in the morning.  Wind gusts well above 40 mph reduced visibility to just a few feet at times.  The following day, December 31, allowed a few hours of digging out before the second storm arrived that afternoon.

Although, not technically a blizzard in the southern valley, the wind still gusted frequently over 30 mph making going out for New Year’s Eve nearly impossible.  In the end, 10 inches of new snow fell with those two storms, making the start of 2011 a miserable one for most.