2011 Temperatures

2011 started off cold, especially January through May as all five of those months finished with below average temperatures.  Including the mild month of June, the first half of 2011 finished as the 52nd coldest on record.  That warm up that started in June continued through the rest of the year as the 2nd half of 2011 narrowly beat out 1931 as the warmest such period on record.

That end of year warm surge push the average temperature from 4 degrees below normal on Memorial Day, to 0.7 degrees above average on December 31.  Although, 0.7 degrees may not sound like much, with an average temperature of 43.1 degrees, 2011 finished as the16 warmest year on record.  Our current 30 year average annual temperature is 42.4 degrees in Fargo Moorhead.

The warmest years on record locally were in 1987 with an average temperature of 46.4 degrees and 1931 when the average temperature was 45.9 degrees.