2011 Precipitation

Yesterday I wrote about how 2011 had quite the contrast from a cold beginning to record breaking warm temperatures during the second half of the year.  In many ways, the precipitation pattern was similar in the sense it started off wet and finished dry.

On August 6, 0.97 inches of rain was recorded at the airport pushing our yearly rainfall total to 21.74 inches.  With nearly 5 full months of the year left to go, we were already near our average annual precipitation of 22.58 inches. Little did we know that the rest of the year would be one of the driest stretches since 1881.

From August 7 through December 31 only 2.21 additional inches of liquid precipitation would be measured bringing the yearly total to 23.95 inches.  In the end,  the year finished 1.37 inches above average which continued our trend for above average precipitation with 8 out of the last 10 years finishing wetter than average.

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  1. ole

    It’s amazing (to me) how many of those “average” years are so remarkable when you look into the details!

    Thanks for the insights Daryl.

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