What A Stretch

The first 10 days of January was a remarkable stretch of mild temperatures.  The average temperature during that period was 29.7 degrees, which was 5 degrees warmer than any other such stretch on record and a phenomenal 20.3 degrees above average.   Locally during that period we recorded 4 record highs, one tie and on two other days that we missed the record by 2 degrees or less.

Three of those record highs were in the 50s, including a 55 degree high on January 5 which was the warmest temperature recorded in January since 1881.  The last time Fargo Moorhead recorded three 50 degree or warmer high temperatures this month was back in 1942.  The most 50 degree high temperatures in January was back in 1900 when 4 such days occurred.

Back in December 2006 we had a brown Christmas, that was followed by a very warm first half of January, just like this year, but the 2nd half of the winter turned very cold.  A reminder on how quickly patterns can switch in this area

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  1. I have enjoyed the November weather for the past 3 months!
    And it has happened before in my memory; I remember a dirt blizzard in 1958 and I have as picture of me and my aunt on my January birthday in 1942..no snow and very warm. We are wearing light coats and I am wearing knee socks instead of the long brown cotton stockings of my era!!!

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