January 2012 Precipitation

The official snow total for January 2012 was 8.0 inches, well within the range of what would be considered average for the month.  Our current 30 year average snowfall for January is 11.1 inches because of some recent heavier snowfalls during the month, but the historic average is 8.5 inches, so last month’s snow total although considered light by many, was very typical for the month.

The melted snow and rain added up to 0.58 inches of liquid which also falls near average for January.  The average liquid precipitation in January is currently 0.70 inches.  Although many recent winters have been quite snowy, the month of January has not typically been the problem month in recent years.

The last time the month of January recorded over 20 inches of snow was back in 1997.  Including this year, since 2000, Fargo Moorhead residents have had to shovel less than 10 inches of snow in 10 of those 13 years.

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  1. Dustin

    totally unrelated to topic, but I got curious – when you give an average date for certain weather events (like the first freeze), is the date actually an average of observed dates, or the median of observed dates?

  2. Average unless otherwise stated, and generally, those averages are based on 1881 to present for such things (frost dates, first 70, etc), not the 30 year average. I try to state if I’m using long-range or 30 year average when I present such information, but I’m certainly “guilty” of not being as specific as I should at times. So always feel free to ask if you’re curious.

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