Melting Days

Since December 1, Fargo Moorhead has officially recorded a high above freezing 36 times.  That is nearly one day out of every two.  The record for the most days above freezing during the three principal months of winter is 44 such days set back during the winter of 1923-1924.  With 20 more days left in climatological winter to challenge that mark, this winter is already ranked as having the 9th most days above 32 degrees since 1881.

This is all in stark contrast to the past four winters.  As many of you probably remember, the past 4 winters all finished with below average temperatures.  Those winters combined had a grand total of 34 days with a temperature above freezing, not quite matching what we accomplished this year in just over two months.

My strong suspicion is we will not break the record, but either way, this mild winter has certainly given us a taste of the warmer side of our climate.