Afghanistan Cold

The harsh winter weather that has hit much of Europe and Asia has also been impacting Afghanistan.  This in turn has created another battle for our troops stationed there, fighting the cold and the snow. Kabul, the capital, has picked up between 30 and 40 inches of snow this winter, which may not sound like much, but that is the most snow recorded there in at least 15 years.

Plus, Kabul is situation in a valley and the mountains around the city have picked up much heavier snow that have occasionally blocked access to other parts of the country.  Although the American troops are well supplied for such conditions, many of the local citizens are very poor and have struggled to stay warm.  Although the combination of the snow and bitterly cold temperatures has brought much hardship, there is some good news on the horizon.

The abundant moisture from the melting snow will be a welcome sight in a country that has suffered from a decade long drought.