Not So Dry

I am sure if most people had to guess if this past winter finished with above or below average precipitation that a high percentage would likely say below.  Our currently 30 year average precipitation for the months of December, January and February is 2.14 inches.

A governmental policy change last year determined that the precipitation sensor at Hector Int’l should be used to measure the liquid precipitation contained in the snow instead of using the actual liquid melted from the location where the snow is melted.  This shift has caused the snow water equivalent within the snowfall to likely be underestimated.

I mention this because although the so called official winter precipitation figure will say 1.89 inches of precipitation fell this past winter, the true melted water content from the site where the snow is measured was 2.25 inches.

Granted that would be considered average, yet, this past winter was not as dry as many people had thought.