Hemispheric Snow

The snow cover this past winter over the United States was very minimal.  As a whole, the North American continent recorded the 4th lowest snow cover extent on record this past winter, mainly due to the lack of snow over the lower 48 states.

Although individual cities may have snow cover records that date back 100 years or more, good snow cover statistics for large areas only go back to 1966 with the arrival of satellite technology.  Although the snow cover over North America and especially in the United States was well below average, the Northern Hemisphere as a whole recorded the 14th highest extent on record.

The Eurasian (Europe and Asia combined) winter snow cover was the 4th highest on record.  This was primarily due to the extremely heavy snowfall that was observed across central and Eastern Europe in January and February.

This marked the 5th straight winter with above normal snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere.