A Month Of Records

Fargo Moorhead has recorded 13 daily records or ties this month.  That includes 5 high temperature records, one high temperature tie and 6 new records for warmest minimum temperature.  Plus, we may yet set another daily maximum minimum before the month is through.

The most impressive record set this month was the low temperature back on March 18.  The low that morning was 60 degrees.  Not only was that the record for the warmest minimum for that date by an incredible 19 degrees, it was also the warmest minimum temperature for any day in March since 1881.  The previous record was a 48 degree low set on three different occasions with one occurring on March 23, 1910 and the other two on March 24 and 25, 1945.

To put that 60 degree low temperature in perspective, the record high for March 20, just two days later is just 62 degrees.  Therefore, that 60 degree low will likely be a record for a long time to come.