An April Blizzard

Although this year was definitely an exception with a record breaking March, it is usually April that we can start thinking about spring weather.  The average high temperature climbs from 46 to 64 degrees during the month.  Our thoughts may be on spring, but winter is always just a storm away this time of year.

Strong temperature contrasts fromCanadato the southernUnited States makes storms this time of year common and at our latitude these storms can easily be snow events.  Most of you are likely familiar with Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book “The Long Winter”, which describes the horrible winter of 1880-1881 her family lived through in De Smet,South Dakota.

The following winter of 1881-1882 is described in her next book “Little Town of the Prairie” and was written as being generally pleasant with little snow.  Yet, with spring in the air, a fierce blizzard struck that area in April.  Pa Ingalls found it a bit odd that the only blizzard of the winter came in April, yet, I doubt he was surprised as in this climate no seasoned residents finds any weather event in this area unusual.