A Drier March

The average precipitation in March is 1.30 inches and in recent years Fargo Moorhead has frequently exceeded that average.  That excess moisture, in combination with abundant winter snow, led to the flooding in recent years.  Last month was the first March since 2007 to record below average precipitation and the driest since 2005.  In total, March 2012 recorded 0.78 inches of rain and melted snow.

Because of the record breaking warmth in the area last month, many people forgot that March did start off cool with several small snow events.  In total, 2.6 inches was measured officially last month which is well below the average of 9.1 inches.  Those 2.6 inches of snow ranked as only the 29th lowest snow total on record, so recording so little snow in March is certainly not unusual.  In fact, you may remember that no measurable snow was recorded just two years ago in March 2010.

Although the precipitation was not as big of a story as the record breaking warmth was last month, it was certainly a noticeable departure from recent years.