Rising Spring

The current 30 year average temperature in April is 44.2 degrees.  What was amazing about last month’s record breaking temperatures was that the average temperature in March was 41.6 degrees, almost as warm as the average for this month.  Plus, the average temperature last month was actually warmer than the monthly average high of 36.3 degrees.

Although it is extremely doubtful that the rest of spring will bring with it temperatures so far above seasonal normals, with an increasingly higher sun angle and the lack of snow, the average temperatures do climb rapidly in the spring.  The average temperature in March is 27.8 degrees, in April 44.2 degrees, and in May the average climbs to 57.1 degrees.  The average temperature is simply the high temperature plus the low temperature divided by two.

The temperature most people tend to notice is the afternoon high.  That average increases from the low 50s today to 73 degrees by the end of May. What this means is that eventually, even temperatures that are below average will still be considered mild.