Reversed Months

In Fargo Moorhead, the average temperature in April is 16.4 degrees warmer than the average for March.  Although the exact difference will vary a few degrees from city to city, most locations in the Midwest and upper Great Plains will have a similar difference between those two months.  March you will recall was the warmest on record for a large portion of the lower 48 states.  Many cities recorded temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees above average.

Chicago for instance, recorded record breaking temperatures last month with an average temperature of 53.5 degrees which was 15.6 degrees above average.  Although the temperature this month has continued to above normal, April will likely finish cooler than March in Chicago for only the 2nd time on record.

Locally, April is running slightly warmer than March and the warmer temperatures earlier this week will guarantee that 2012 will not be the first year when a March finished warmer than April, although, it will be