March And April Record

This past March, you will likely recall, was the warmest on record.   The previous warmest March was set back in 1910.  April 1910 was also a mild month and currently ranks as the 26th warmest April on record.  The combination of an extraordinarily warm March, followed by a mild April made the period from March 1 through April 30, 1910 the warmest such period on record.

That is, until this year.  With the record breaking March and an April that finished several degrees above average, the past two months finished 1.1 degrees warmer than the same period in 1910 to set a new record.  With a record breaking March, a record breaking March and April combination, could we in turn end up with the warmest spring on record this year?  The record warmest spring occurred in 1977 with an average temperature of 49.3 degrees.

To best that record, this month would have to average 57.9 degrees, which would only be 0.8 degrees above average, meaning we do have a realistic shot of breaking the spring temperature record this year.