My Apps

I have been asked several times recently by followers on Twitter (@darylritchison or @wdayweather) to name some of my favorite apps.  I principally use an iPad to post on both Twitter and Facebook and therefore I am most familiar with the apps available on the iOS platform, but some may be available elsewhere.

Besides using our mobile website to view our online graphic tools, one of my other resources is the app Weather Geek Pro.  This app allows you to view computer guidance output from the National Centers of Environment Prediction.   I also use RadarScope to view Doppler imagery, including the new dual-polarity products, plus, it allows me to view and participate in the national spotter network for reporting severe weather.

Other apps I use include, iMapWeather Radio, Storm Spotter, iDamage and finally BoltMeter Lightning for detecting lighting strikes near my location when storm chasing.