Late Frost Again

Although the official temperature in Fargo Moorhead stayed above freezing last Wednesday morning as the low was 35 degrees at Hector Int’l and 39 degrees at the Moorhead Municipal Airport, there were still areas of frost reported.  Some rooftops and car windows as well as low spots turned white as the temperature dropped to 32 degrees in those locations.

This was the 2nd year in a row with frost reported toward the end of May.  Last year the temperature dropped to 33 degrees on May 26 with frost reports far more widespread then this year.  Back in 2009 the temperature dropped to 34 degrees on June 6 and in 2008, the last frost occurred on May 27 with the low did hit the freezing point at 32 degrees.

I read many comments this past week that mentioned how surprised they were that a frost advisory had been issued so late in the season.  Yet, the truth is we may not technically hit 32 degrees at the airport, but a high percentage of the years this area will have a close call this time of year.