That Warm Spring

The National Climatic Data Center released their climate statistics for both May and the spring season last week.  Although Fargo Moorhead recorded the warmest spring on record, as a whole, both North Dakota and Minnesota ended up with the 2nd warmest spring since 1893.  The lower 48 states overall recorded the warmest spring on record as did a vast majority of the states east of the Rocky Mountains.

The previous year with the warmest spring was back in 1910 and that year still ranks as the warmest on record for North Dakota and Minnesota.  The main difference between these two very warm springs was that in 1910 the warmth was center just slightly north of where it was this year.  That slight difference was enough to keep the local states near, yet short of that record of 102 years ago, but did allow states to our south and east to edge out 1910 as the warmest.

Of note, both 1910 and 2012 were both very unique in the record books for the extreme warmth observed.