Triple Digit Drought

The extreme heat recorded to our south this week prompted the question as to when was the last 100 degree high in Fargo Moorhead. On July 30, 2006 the high reached 102 degrees and that still stands as the last 100 degree day locally.

Earlier that month, on July 15, 2006 the high was 101 degrees which was the first triple digit high since June 17, 1995, a stretch of 11 years.  Before that day in 1995, six years had passed since the previous 100 degree day was recorded during the hot and dry summers of the late 1980s.  Therefore, since 1989 the official high at Hector Int’l has reached 100 degrees only three times. There is no other such period since 1881 with so few days with extreme heat.

The abundance of moisture and the associated clouds and wetter soils have been partially responsible for this lack of heat in recent years, but the other reality is, the atmosphere has rarely been conducive for temperatures that warm in the past two decades.

One thought on “Triple Digit Drought

  1. I remember in the summer of 2007, it almost seemed like WDAY weather could just tape their forecasts, and replay them daily for about 3 weeks. It was in the upper 80’s to mid to upper 90’s for a long time.

    Seemed like it would never cool off, in late July, it finally did cool down.

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