A Morning Spectacular

If you have been up early this week, you have been greeted to a beautiful celestial show.  Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets, have been rising before the sun and shining side by side in the early morning eastern sky.  For the past few days the two planets of been joined by the star Aldebaran, which is the bright red eye of Taurus the Bull (constellation).

Although you may not want to spend one of your weekend mornings being up before sunrise, tomorrow morning may bring the best show of the week.  Sunday morning will not only have both Venus and Jupiter shining brightly in the eastern sky, but the two planets will be joined by a waning crescent moon.  The three celestial bodies will form a bright triangle just before the Sun rises and spoils the show.

Sunrise is approximately 5:50 AM on Sunday morning, so the best time to observe all of this will be from around 5:00 AM until 5:50 AM.