Where Have All The Tornadoes Gone?

After a fairly fast start earlier in the year, tornadoes have been uncommon for the past several months. After the large tornado outbreak in the central plains from April 13-16, the tornado season quickly went quiet.  Since then, the number of tornadoes recorded in the United States has been less than 50% of average.

Plus, those numbers are based on preliminary counts and the actual number official numbers are almost always even lower.  So far this month, only 2 tornadoes has been reported in the country.  The lowest July total on record (good tornado records only go back to 1950) was back in 1950 when just 23 tornadoes were observed.  Considering that almost 100% of tornadoes are currently reported which was not the case back in 1950, that record may be hard to break.

Fewer tornadoes would generally be thought of as a good thing, yet, the overall lack of thunderstorms attributing to fewer tornadoes, is one of the leading reasons why many parts of the country are currently experiencing drought conditions.