A 90s Summer

Our long-term average number of days with a high temperature at or above 90 degrees in a year in Fargo Moorhead is 13.  The past 20 years have recorded so many cool and damp summers that in turn, has actually brought that average down slightly.  Last year on only ten days did the temperature reached 90 degrees locally, with eleven in 2010, just four in 2009 and six in 2008. So far this year, we have recorded 14 days with a high in the 90s.

That is, of course, more than during any of the previous four years. Yet, from a historical perspective, we are no where near what has been recorded in other years.  Back in 1988, to this point, there had already been 24 days in the 90s (and some 100s) in the record breaking summer that ended up with 39 such days.  In 1936, there had been 20 such days to this point with another 18 recorded during that summer.  In 1910, a year quite similar to this year in many regards, we had recorded 21 days with a high at or above 90 degrees to this point.

We would need to reach 90 degrees another 10 times just to reach the top 10 in this category, which is something we have not done since that record breaking summer of 1988.