Not So Warm

As the eastern two-thirds of the United States continue with this prolong period of above average temperatures, other locations in the northern hemisphere have been experiencing a long stretch of the other extreme, colder than average temperatures.  One of these locations is London that will soon be attracting international attention as the Olympics will begin in a few days.

If you caught any of the Open Championship coverage this past weekend, you would likely have noticed the lush green fairways and bunkers with puddles of water.  Much of Great Britain has been experiencing a very cool and wet summer, although, most of the locals would not call the past two months much of a summer.  The weather has been so chilly, that some athletes left for warmer climates to continue their training before the start of the Olympic Games claiming it was too cold.

Considering the forecast for this weekend, those athletes that left may regret not sticking around to get use to the cool and damp conditions that appear to be hanging around for the opening ceremonies.