Rainfall Totals

Rain Totals from overnight:

KFAR (Hector Int’l)           2.39”

NDSU:                                  0.75”

WDAY:                                 0.73”

North Moorhead                 0.74”

South Fargo                        0.87”

Grand Forks Airport            1.96”

Grand Forks NWS              2.07”

Grand Forks South               2.31”

Pelican Rapids                      3.62”

West Fargo (South)               0.80”

Devils Lake                           2.71”

Detroit Lakes                        0.62”

Fergus Falls                           1.56”

Bemidji                                    0.56″

Grafton                                    0.00″

Moorhead Airport                  1.15″

Kindred                                    4.50″

Valley City                                0.01″

4 Responses

  1. We had one inch exactly 10 miles west of St Hilaire, Minnesota. My brother is fifteen miles north of me in Viking, Minnesota and he had only a 1/4 inch. It was even a little foggy this morning after the rain.

    By the way, my wife and I really enjoy your forecast, it is so direct and rings with truth and integrity.

  2. Lucia

    Spotted rain fall, wow, when .75 inches was reported for south Fargo, thought you would be interested to know that my rain gauge showed 1.5 inches from 10 pm 7-24-12 and 6 am 7-25-12 located about a block east of Centennial Elementary School. Have a great day. Lucia

  3. Daryl, thanks for the interesting articles. Question is why doesn’t a city the length of Fargo have at least 3 accurate reporting stations. Such as Airport, 13th ave so. and 52nd ave so. all down the I29 corridor. That would be very interesting to most
    people in lieu of always using Hector Airport totals for Fargo. That is such a small part of the city. Thanks again. JPD

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