Where Did The 70s Go?

What has been the most notable weather feature of this summer?  The lack of rain?  The high heat?  Too me, it may be the lack of 70s for daily highs.  Since June 1, the beginning of climatological summer, there has only been 11 days with a high temperature below 80 degrees.

At the moment, with the likely exception of today, it appears the rest of the month will see a high above 80 degrees which would mean that the first two months of this summer will end up with the 2nd fewest such days since 1881 (a total of 2).  It will probably not surprise many of you who lived through it, but the record for June and July is just 6 such days set back in 1988.

In addition, this month has recorded only 1 day with a high below 80 degrees and if we can hit 80 today (unlikely), that would tie 1916, 1935 and 1989 for the fewest sub 80 degrees highs in July.  This summer will very likely not be the warmest on record; yet, the consistency of the heat without a break has been remarkable to this point.