The Not So Low Lows

Yesterday in this space, I wrote about how frequently the high temperature has been above 80 degrees this summer.  This consistency of above average temperatures has likely been very noticeable on your electric bill if you cool your house with an air conditioner.  Yet, the daytime high temperatures have only been part of the reason why your electric bill has been so high this summer as the low temperatures have also played a role.

Our average low temperature is currently 60 degrees, yet most summer the low is in the 50s just as frequently as it is in the 60s.  Overnight temperatures in the 50s generally allow you to open up the windows and let the cool overnight breezes naturally cool your house.  This month there has only been three such nights with a low in the 50s and more importantly we have recorded five days with a low in the 70s.  We only average three 70 degrees lows in an entire summer.  So although this summer has been far from unprecedented, it certainly has been a change from recent years.