The Start Of Something New

Last week there was a noticeable change in our weather.  After recording only three days in the 70s over the previous 48 days, since last Thursday our high temperatures have been frequently in the 70s. Plus, on this upcoming Thursday and Friday, one (or both) of those two days may be only the second time this summer with a high in the 60s.

Is this a permanent change?  My strong suspicion is yes.  A major strong in the Arctic last week along with some subtle other changes in the flow pattern over the Northern Hemisphere has probably, at least in our region, put an end to the persistent heat of the past two months.

Back in 2006, our last warm summer, after recording 15 days with a high in the 90s (including two above 100) through July, the rest of that summer the temperature remained below 90 degrees.  This month has the potential to be the first below average month in over a year and it would not surprise me if our autumn started cooler than average as well.

It does not mean there will not be anymore warm days, just that normal or slightly below normal temperatures look to be the dominate temperatures for a while.