Early Frost

It was on this date in 2004 that the low temperature in Fargo Moorhead dropped to 34 degrees.  Although the official low at the airport managed to stay just above freezing, frost was seen on many rooftops, car windshields and low spots throughout the city. Worse yet, the temperatures to our north were even colder.

Frost was very common along and north of Highway 200 in both North Dakota and in Minnesota with some areas even reporting a hard freeze (temperature at 28 degrees or lower).  The temperatures were so cold that morning that it effectively ended the growing season for much of northern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.  Plus, it was not a one night event, as record temperatures were set on August 19 and on the 21 in many locations as well.

The summer of 2004 ended up being the 7th coldest on record and besides the earlier frost, it was also the year when high temperatures were only in the upper 50s on the 4th of July in west central Minnesota.