Thoughts Of Winter

With most North Dakota schools starting this week and Labor Day weekend just a week away, many of you are perhaps thinking about autumn and winter more than the last remnants of summer that we have been experiencing lately.  This has been evident in numerous short conversations I have had in recent days as nearly every place I go, the same question comes up.  “What will our winter be like?”

With an El Nino developing in the Pacific Ocean you will likely hear that the upcoming winter will be another mild one in this area.  Yet, the winter of 2009-2010 was an El Nino winter that ended up very cold and snowy because one single parameter does not guarantee certain weather conditions as many forecasters learned that year.

Therefore, it is too early for a prediction, but one thing I can almost guarantee is this area will probably not experience another record breaking warm winter, meaning, that even if temperatures are near normal this cold season, it is going to feel brutal in comparison to last year.