The Possibilites Are Endless

I turn 50 today.  I do not say this to garner the usual Happy Birthday wishes, or to the younger generation to perhaps earn some sympathy.  Instead, that even after living on the planet for a half-century, and forecasting the weather now for almost half of those years, I have never lost my amazement of the atmosphere and the weather it brings.

More particularly, what it can bring, as even after 50 years, I have only observed a small portion of what could occur.  Most of the time when I hear a sound byte on television about someone saying “I have never seen anything like it”, it is more often then not an example that most of us have very short weather memories.  Yet, having written that, our modern industrial civilization has in fact, not come even come close to seeing everything the atmosphere can conjure up and a look at history, well beyond my mere 50 years, is a reminder of what those possibilities are in the future.