A Notable Week

The 91 degree high on Monday pushed our yearly total of 90 degree days to 24.  That one extra day moved the ranking for the year from tied for the12th highest such total, to tie for the 9th highest yearly total since 1881.  The other two years tied for 9th place are 1931 and 1939.

This year was the first time since 1988, the record breaking year with 39 days with temperatures at or above 90 degrees, to end up in the Top 10 for most 90 degree days.  Also of note this past week was the 36 degree low on Sunday, September 9.  That was the earliest 36 degree low since the cold summer of 2004 and several days before the average date of September 14.

The National Weather Services uses 36 degrees as the “frost” temperature (they use the term “freeze” to describe 32 degrees).  Since 1900 there has been no trend in the average first 36 degree temperature, although, the average first 32 degree low has trended later in the month by nearly one week.