A New Old World Record

Nearly 100 years ago, on July 10, 1913, a temperature reading of 134 degrees was recorded at the Greenland Ranch in Death Valley, California.  At the time that was the highest temperatures recorded with proper measuring techniques anywhere on earth.

Nearly a decade later on September 13, 1911 a report of a temperature of 136 degrees was allegedly taken at El Azizia, Libya to establish a new world record that still holds to this day.  That is until now.  The World Meteorological Organization recently decided to drop that particular reading from the record book.  There is always been some suspicion to that reading in Libya in 1922 and after much research it was determined that indeed that temperature was likely bogus.

Therefore, that temperature set nearly a century ago in Death Valley is now considered the warmest temperature recorded in the world.  So if you have ever had the chance to go to Death Valley, you can now officially tell your friends that you visited the hottest place on earth.