Perceptional Weather

We all have weather perceptions.  If Phoenix is mentioned, hot and dry comes to mind.  Florida, humid.  North Dakota or Minnesota, many would say cold and snowy.  Of course such perceptions have some truth to them, but any one climate is far more variable.

A week ago, September 18,  when Hector Int’l recorded the first frost of the season, I noticed that Int’l Falls, Minnesota reported a low of 20 degrees that same morning.  My perception of Int’l Falls is cold and therefore a temperature that low did not make me instantly think record.  In fact, when I did discover that was a record, part of me was surprised.  Yet, that 20 degree low in Int’l Falls, not only broke the record for the day by 7 degrees, it almost broke the all-time lowest temperature recorded in the month of September of 19 degrees, which was set just last year.

So even by Int’l Falls’ cold standards, that was a chilly morning for so early in the season.