The Cold Was Cold

Antarctica is by far the coldest area on the planet.  The coldest temperature recorded on earth was recorded at the Russian, Vostok Antarctica research station in July, 1983 when the temperature plunged to -129 degrees.  That same station, just last week, recorded a low temperature of -119 degrees on September 16.   That was very close to the coldest temperature recorded on earth during the month of September of -122 degrees at that very same site.

This past Antarctic winter finished colder than average over most of the continent.  Not surprising then, that the sea ice in the southern ocean has broken many daily maximum extent records in recent weeks, but remained slightly below the record level set back in 2007.  There has been research that has shown that the Arctic and Antarctic tend to oscillate oppositely, so as the Arctic continues to record well below normal ice conditions, Antarctic has continued to record much above average ice conditions in recent years.