Dry September

As you have likely heard by now, last month was the driest September on record as just 0.12 inches of rain was recorded at Hector Int’l airport.  The previous record was 0.13 inches set back in 1974.  Setting monthly records is often a matter of location and timing.  Location is especially important when dealing with rain.  Spot to spot variation in rainfall can greatly alter a ranking.

For example, last month at the WDAY studios we recorded 0.17 inches of rain.  That would have ranked September as the 4th driest. .  Our state climatologist recorded 0.24 inches last month in his backyard which would have ranked as the 6th driest.   In Harwood, just north of the airport 0.43 inches was measured, that would have ranked as the 13th driest.

Plus timing is important in the sense does the rain fall or not fall within the arbitrary days we refer to as a month. But timing and location matched perfectly last month for a record that may stand for a long time.