Cloud Savers

The coldest temperature so far this season, through yesterday, was a 25 degree reading back on September 23.  If not for cloud cover on other mornings, we likely would have been much colder.  That has been particularly true in recent days.

This past Sunday morning for example, the low in Fargo was 30 degrees.  Much of the night was cloudy and that kept the cooling near the surface to a minimum, but where the sky cleared the temperature plummeted.  Aberdeen where it was clear, the temperatures fell to 14 degrees that morning.  Temperatures in the teens were found as far south as Iowa, with Sioux City recording 15 degrees and Spencer, 13 degrees.  All of those temperatures were records for the date.

Perhaps the most impressive low on Sunday morning was the 32 degree low in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as that was the earliest known freeze for that location.  Oklahoma City also recorded their earliest freeze on record the following day.  So although it has certainly been cold lately, thanks to cloud cover, no records have been broken.