A Sunny Place?

I was recently reading an article about the influx of new residents into North Dakota because of the overall good economy in the state.  In the story, a recent transplant was interviewed and there was one comment that caught my attention. This new resident to eastern North Dakota was impressed by how sunny the weather was here.

There is no doubt if you have only lived in this area for the past 12 months, the perception of a sunny climate would definitely be correct as the number of sunny days in the past year has been remarkable. Yet, the persistently cloudy sky these past several days has brought a touch of reality back to the area.  Fargo Moorhead, on average, will record a cloudy sky on approximately 60% of the days through the end of the year.

That was definitely not the case last autumn, but the weather patterns are much different this year, meaning some of our new neighbors may be disappointed with the sky conditions for a while.