Measurable Snow Day

Although a moot point as this year we recorded our first measurable snowfall back on October 4, but today is marks our average first measurable snowfall.  Although today is the average date for our first snow accumulation, it has rarely snowed on Halloween.

Since snow records started in 1885, measurable snow has been observed on only 13 occasions, so approximately once every 10 years or so.  The last time we recorded measurable snow on this date was back in 1995 when 1 inch was measured.  The record snowfall for today is 3.4 inches that occurred in 1891.  With an average high today of only 48 degrees, wearing a costume that can be worn over something warm is commonplace in our climate.

Yet, at least in most years the kids (and parents) are only dealing with chilly temperatures, not snowfall as they are trick or treating.