October 2012 Summary

Last month finished with an average temperature of 44.0 degrees which is 1.5 degrees below the current 30 year average.  If you thought the month felt cooler than that, you are likely not alone.  Although the past two months finished near average, the past 18 months have been exceptional warm which has likely changed our perception of “normal” temperatures.  Plus, last month’s high temperatures generally were much colder than the morning lows per the average and daytime temperatures tend to be more noticeable.

October recorded 2.22 inches of rain with is right at the current average of 2.15 inches.  One element of the weather that was definitely not near the average last month was snowfall.  There were two snow events in October, one on October 4 that dropped 1.4 inches and the other one on October 27 that brought another 2.2 inches.

That total of 3.6 inches may not sound like much, but it was the 11th highest October snow total on record.