Over The River And….

The iconic image of Thanksgiving is sometimes represented by a sleigh drawn by horses ferrying a family through the woods to grandmother’s house for dinner.  Of course without snow covering the ground, that sleigh would not go very far.  The problem with that image, even locally, with one of the coldest climates in the lower 48 states, is that snow cover on Thanksgiving Day tends to be very light or none existent.

In Fargo, there has only been one Thanksgiving this century with snow covering the ground and that was two years ago when the official snow depth was 7 inches.  Previous to that year, to enjoy a true sleigh ride experience you would need to go back to Thanksgiving 1996 when two snow storms left us with a snow pack of 13 inches that year.

Other recent notable snow covered Thanksgivings include 1993 with 12 inches on the ground (with 8 inches falling that day) and in 1985 and 1977 with over a foot on the ground.